Where will S&P500 head tonight?

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-25 at 20.13.20.jpeg

We have seen Gap up on Monday due to the positive impact from the french election, we have monitored the trading day today and have seen sturdiness of many indices to keep moving upwards. Many major currencies and indices did not do much correction and failed to cover yesterday gap up. As we are seeing US market to open in an hour we are zooming on SPX to see how the market will move tonight.

We will be bias for SPX to continue moving upwards for tonight. If the price action fail to break yesterday’s open price, this may be on a sideway trend for a couple of days.

With SNP on a favour for a push up, we are shouting out this few counters that may be a good trade tonight. Skyworks Solution, under armour and applied materials. Do let us know which counter you want us to analyse and comment on our instagram posting on SNP as below. Don’t forget to follow us if you find this useful.

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