Accuracy in trading + 250% on AudJpy!


Did you get our 250% trade set up?

We have posted in our group and if you have not join us, click on the link below and get access for FREE.

We have also posted this on our Instagram incase you miss the group.

Now, if we look back at the trades above, you can see that we have 1 win and 1 lost this week. As you can see, 1 lost will have no impact on our gains as we always aim for 200% and above or in another term a risk to reward of 1 : >2R.

Why >2R? Reason is because we are not accurate so we need to have an edge in our trading to survive in the market. With this practice, this means over 10 trades if we have 6 losses vs 4 wins our end result will still be positive. Cos your wins are multiplied by 2.

There are days when we can aim 400% – 500%, which will be a boost on our Trading account and that is how we grow our wealth progressively at Trades&Profits.

Trading growth is measured over many sample trades, it’s almost impossible to grow it with just one or two trades as we are not accurate. But having an additional advantage like rewarding each trade more than 2R will help us in the long run.

If you have the time, look at how the bookies and casino run their business, every wins they have are always bigger than their losses if it’s a 50 – 50 game. They create this edge over the gamblers.

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