That 1 trade with 600% returns


Did you manage to follow our trade ideas on GbpJpy!?

In our group we traded UsdJpy and AudUsd, but unfortunately we were hit with stop losses for this two trades.

Thankfully the opportunity on GbpJpy came with great returns of 600%. We were given 2 chances for entry on this one. One on the 24th May and the other on 25th May. The trade entered on 24th gave us a return of 200% and 25th about 400% if trader holds till our max profit level.

This is the kind of trade that each trader must have to survive in the market. With this trade in our pocket, we are now able to get in the market knowing that we are able to have 6 losses and we are still on break even.

No one trading strategy is perfect, but when you know how to put an edge to it we can look to generate extra income from the market.

If you are keen to learn, do join us for free. Just click on this link and get access to all our trade ideas. You are also free to ask questions that will help you on your trading journey.

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