How much time should I use for Trading?


People always ask me which is the best time frame to use on charts for traders.

Well there is no specific rule to this. If I were to simply reply to this question, i will just say it depends on individual character.

As a Trader, you must understand how much time you have and willing to burn. Identifying your personality and time spent is very crucial to getting consistent result.

Look at it this way, if i have only 10 mins to focus but my strategy requires 20 mins, how is it possible that I will be able to put my 100% on it. In trading, when I fail to give 100%, mistakes are bound to happen and thus reflecting in an inaccurate result(Possibly burning the account unnecessarily).

How I can help is basically giving a rough estimation on how much time is needed for the different time frames.

Weekly TF

Minimal effort required and suitable for those working long hours/shifts, parents with young kids, people who are not familiar with usage of computer typically the older generations.

Maximum Holding Period : 1 – 2 months

Time required : 30 – 60 Mins per week

Daily TF

Suitable for everyone who wants to trade at least twice a week. Analysis can be done on weekend.

Maximum Holding Period : 1 – 2 weeks

Time required : 1 – 2 hrs per week

4 Hour TF

For those who have access to charts almost every 8 – 12 hours. This are for people who can afford to have spare time during working hours. Needs to be fast in terms of calculation. Recommended only for those who are able to calculate accurately mentally.

Maximum Holding Period : 2 -3 days

Time Required : 30 – 60 mins per day

Any Time Frame Lower

This are only for those advance traders. This traders are typically full time traders. Most of their trades are intra – day or scalps.

Maximum Holding Period : Less than 1 day

Time required : Lots of time

So base on my experience, this is what i can conclude if you ask me which time frame is the best. So by using this guide, i hope you can better understand yourself and get better result with this guide.

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