Facebook for Investment


About a week ago a member in one of the stock trading group was asking about FACEBOOK for her long term portfolio. We analyse it using our strategy to see if there was any potential to get in at a better price.

Though we are not inclined to long term investing, we still managed to pick up some good levels for long term investor who are keen to add more position to their existing portfolio (At least they didn’t get it at a higher price haha).

With the current bull run on the stock market, people are getting excited and are adding positions blindly to their portfolio. We would like to remind traders/investors to take a step back and re-look at their portfolio. It is times like this that many traders are losing their money as they rush to get into any trades just to ride the trend.

Talking about getting into trades, we have spotted an opportunity to long USDCAD. We will be updating our website later today on the technical description of USDCAD.
Meantime, you may want to join our Facebook group to see our USDCAD trade set up.

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