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About a week ago a member in one of the stock trading group was asking about FACEBOOK for her long term portfolio. We analyse it using our strategy to see if there was any potential to get in at a better price.

Though we are not inclined to long term investing, we still managed to pick up some good levels for long term investor who are keen to add more position to their existing portfolio (At least they didn’t get it at a higher price haha).

With the current bull run on the stock market, people are getting excited and are adding positions blindly to their portfolio. We would like to remind traders/investors to take a step back and re-look at their portfolio. It is times like this that many traders are losing their money as they rush to get into any trades just to ride the trend.

Talking about getting into trades, we have spotted an opportunity to long USDCAD. We will be updating our website later today on the technical description of USDCAD.
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How much time should I use for Trading?


People always ask me which is the best time frame to use on charts for traders.

Well there is no specific rule to this. If I were to simply reply to this question, i will just say it depends on individual character.

As a Trader, you must understand how much time you have and willing to burn. Identifying your personality and time spent is very crucial to getting consistent result.

Look at it this way, if i have only 10 mins to focus but my strategy requires 20 mins, how is it possible that I will be able to put my 100% on it. In trading, when I fail to give 100%, mistakes are bound to happen and thus reflecting in an inaccurate result(Possibly burning the account unnecessarily).

How I can help is basically giving a rough estimation on how much time is needed for the different time frames.

Weekly TF

Minimal effort required and suitable for those working long hours/shifts, parents with young kids, people who are not familiar with usage of computer typically the older generations.

Maximum Holding Period : 1 – 2 months

Time required : 30 – 60 Mins per week

Daily TF

Suitable for everyone who wants to trade at least twice a week. Analysis can be done on weekend.

Maximum Holding Period : 1 – 2 weeks

Time required : 1 – 2 hrs per week

4 Hour TF

For those who have access to charts almost every 8 – 12 hours. This are for people who can afford to have spare time during working hours. Needs to be fast in terms of calculation. Recommended only for those who are able to calculate accurately mentally.

Maximum Holding Period : 2 -3 days

Time Required : 30 – 60 mins per day

Any Time Frame Lower

This are only for those advance traders. This traders are typically full time traders. Most of their trades are intra – day or scalps.

Maximum Holding Period : Less than 1 day

Time required : Lots of time

So base on my experience, this is what i can conclude if you ask me which time frame is the best. So by using this guide, i hope you can better understand yourself and get better result with this guide.

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Why we are reducing risk for JPY pair!


Counter : EurJpy

Direction : Long

Technical Description : Uptrend on Daily Time Frame. Very strong support level at 123 level. MACD on our favour for reversal.

Reward : > 200%

If we do take this trade, we will be reducing our risk as we are overly exposed to Yen Pairs.

Below are the two trades that we have taken and are now part of our portfolio. If we do add EurJpy, it risky to maintain the same risk. If for some reason, should Yen strengthen further, all our trades may be hit with stop losses.

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Bullish market but will S&P hit new high?


Market have been very bullish but till when will this bull play take place?

Well we do not know if market is going to crash, but here is our take on SnP next couple of days. If market with stand the current support, we will see snp hit new high soon.

Counter : S&P500

Direction : Long

Technical Description : Uptrend, riding on bullish momentum. 4 hr and 30 mins on support.

Reward : 200%

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That 1 trade with 600% returns


Did you manage to follow our trade ideas on GbpJpy!?

In our group we traded UsdJpy and AudUsd, but unfortunately we were hit with stop losses for this two trades.

Thankfully the opportunity on GbpJpy came with great returns of 600%. We were given 2 chances for entry on this one. One on the 24th May and the other on 25th May. The trade entered on 24th gave us a return of 200% and 25th about 400% if trader holds till our max profit level.

This is the kind of trade that each trader must have to survive in the market. With this trade in our pocket, we are now able to get in the market knowing that we are able to have 6 losses and we are still on break even.

No one trading strategy is perfect, but when you know how to put an edge to it we can look to generate extra income from the market.

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Accuracy in trading + 250% on AudJpy!


Did you get our 250% trade set up?

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Now, if we look back at the trades above, you can see that we have 1 win and 1 lost this week. As you can see, 1 lost will have no impact on our gains as we always aim for 200% and above or in another term a risk to reward of 1 : >2R.

Why >2R? Reason is because we are not accurate so we need to have an edge in our trading to survive in the market. With this practice, this means over 10 trades if we have 6 losses vs 4 wins our end result will still be positive. Cos your wins are multiplied by 2.

There are days when we can aim 400% – 500%, which will be a boost on our Trading account and that is how we grow our wealth progressively at Trades&Profits.

Trading growth is measured over many sample trades, it’s almost impossible to grow it with just one or two trades as we are not accurate. But having an additional advantage like rewarding each trade more than 2R will help us in the long run.

If you have the time, look at how the bookies and casino run their business, every wins they have are always bigger than their losses if it’s a 50 – 50 game. They create this edge over the gamblers.

We want to succeed making you succeed!

FB Sharing

Before you read on, Click the link below and join our Trading community for free. In this community you are free to ask us any questions that is trading related.


The group is starting to grow and we are glad to get this started. We are very eager to make this one of the best trading group but before that happens, we have to remind many traders the basics of trading. The reason for this is because we realize many traders “know” how to trade but they just simply forget the basics and start to bust their account within a couple of months.

In many cases, traders are suck in too much by greed that they forget the importance of position sizing. Many traders do not understand the risk they are undertaking expecially when trading on leverage product such as CFD or FX.

Trading on leverage gives you the ability to trade the same exposure on smaller capital, and in many cases with better spread and commissions. However many traders use it the wrong way that they increase their exposure by using the same amount of capital. When this happens, the risk that the trader undertakes automatically multiplies in accordance to the margin that is given.

Example :

Table A

$20 000 Exposure used correctly
Cash Leverage 10X
Counter Price $1 $1
Size 20000 20000
Capital Required $20,000 $2,000
Counter Price Moved $1.50 $1.50
Difference is move $0.50 $0.50
Profit&Loss 10000 10000

Table B

$20 000 Exposure used incorrectly
Cash Leverage 10X
Counter Price $1 $1
Size 20000 200000
Capital Required $20,000 $20,000
Counter Price Moved $1.50 $1.50
Difference is move $0.50 $0.50
Profit&Loss 10000 100000

If you see the example on Table B, because of over sizing and maximizing the capital on account, the trader is actually having a total exposure of $200000 instead of $20000.

So in a nutshell, traders please remember to do proper position sizing and stick to the amount of risk that you have allocated. Over trading, is one of the fastest way a trader can bust their account.





Profit on EurGbp, short GbpJpy and join our FACEBOOK group


We took profit on EurGbp but only 150%. Do catch us in our Trading community where we share our trade set up and update traders on how we manage our position and entry levels.

Click the link below and join our Trading community for free. In this community you are free to us ask any questions that is trading related.



For today, we are taking a positional banging on GBP to weaken.

Counter : GbpJpy

Direction: Short

Technical Description : Downtrend on weekly time frame with multiple support level tested. Price action on Daily shows a sign for correction. Double top seen.

Reward : >200%


Spot the difference

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-09 at 00.02.10

Well the above picture don’t have much difference except that it’s flipped and numbered with (1) and (2), they are the exact same photo.

What we want to talk about here is decision makingAssuming you are purchasing the above cars(no difference in specs, colours or whatsoever) – (1) valued at $150k and (2) discounted at $100K, which will you choose? We believe that you will choose (2) because of it’s lower value. Quite obvious isn’t it?

It is gonna be the same if we are shopping for bags, phones and clothes, we will always get it at better price, not all of us but most of us. The risk for “waiting” is that you may not get it as it may run out of stock/size. If that happens what do we do? Move on and look for something new or better right?

So why is it that in trading, most of us NEVER keep to that practise? Why are we always chasing for a price that is increasing or decreasing(for short) in value? Why are we always rushing to get in the trade? Won’t there be a time that market corrects and let you take your trade at a better price? Do remember that the market is always there, if we miss it, it’s alright move on to the next counter which may always give some other opportunity maybe better.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-09 at 01.20.38.jpeg

See above on a trade that could give us good discounts for better rewards(Considering trend is in our favour). “Red X” is the point where we will usually buy in because it tested the “Blue Line” – support or resistance level.

The support and resistance acts like discounted/reasonable price to the product you are buying, if the value goes below that, it usually means that there are newer products in the market and may not bring much demand in the near future. So we only want it at a good price, and picking it up near the support or resistance is the safest zone for that.

As trader, we have to make sensible decision making. If you want to make trading your life, you have to do things that you do in your life. Treat it the same and hopefully you will have a smoother trading journey. Don’t make trading complicated it’s simple common sense.